Where Are the Fitness Presenters?

The elite Fitness Presenters used to be so easy to spot. Take a look at any IDEA Journal and the fitness industry leaders were always there promoting. Maybe they were more obvious because most everything came by postal mail forcing me to at least pay attention between the mail box and my front door.

Today our attention, and likely even more so mine, are spread very thing. Finding the target audience at the economical price can be tough. Finding them with tools to most effectively spread the message and allow you to personalize the event message is also not easy.

Today I am sending a notice to all members designating themselves as Fitness Education Presenters at FitnessProTravel.com Most I believe do it old school providing workshops at local fitness facilities. Others provide their fitness presentations online or at large conferences.

Either way I simply wanted to let them know of the tremendous resources available to them with their membership to the Fit Pro Travel Network.

What I’d like to make available here is the case for why I suggest all fitness presenters do not pass up the opportunity to utilize the fitness events calendar as well as other resources for the promotion of their programs…. So here it goes.

The Biggest Issues We Ran Into as Fitness Presenters:

  • Economically reaching the correct target audience was never easy.
  • Having the ability to list the event with the freedom for full descriptions, logo, and delivered to outside web links; we could rarely do all that.
  • Rarely was there an opportunity to send with a click of a button my posted event to all connections

How Fitness Pro Travel Network Solves These Issues:

  • With more than 8000 North American fitness professionals registered in the network a targeted audience is available.
  • Additionally, connecting directly with fitness pros via networking, operating your own education based group, contributing articles providing you even more of an authority position… each of these continues to extend your reach.
  • More than 300 registered Fit Pros are accessing the network daily. When they do visit more than 45% stay for more than 5 minutes exploring various areas (that puts us in the top 2% of the internet). In the past year the number of new accounts each week has doubled.
  • The audience is there and available to view and benefit from information on educational opportunities happening, online, offline, and throughout North America. What we need is for our Continuing Education Providers (YOU) to begin championing your own cause and at a minimum list your own fitness education events.

What do you think? A Fitness Industry Only Professional Network a good location for a fitness education presenter to promote their fitness educational offerings?

Debt Negotiation in Comparison to Debt Relief

There are many different types of people today in the situation of trying to pay off their debts and keep their heads above water and I want to explain two of the ways that people are using to relieve their debt burden which are Debt negotiation and debt relief. There are plenty of alternatives that are available to you in the situation so there is no need for you to start panic. Panicking is not going to do you any good. You are better off keeping calm and looking into the alternatives. Here is a brief synopsis of two of the available options which are debt negotiation and debt relief.

In the first option you will contact your lender and try to negotiate your debts to a more manageable level. This can be done either by yourself or by debt negotiations company representing you. You are trying to negotiate terms which will be more suitable to your circumstances at present. The banks or lenders are always going to want you to continue paying interest. Your primary aim is to not only the lower the amount of payments you are making but make sure that the money you are giving to the lenders is coming off the principal. The second purpose of the negotiation is to pay back less than what you originally borrowed. Either way you are looking for a situation where you are making things better for yourself. You can do the debt negotiations yourself or you can pass the task over to someone who is more qualified.

Product Creation Process – Step by Step

Creating products and in particular digital products is a very straight forward process. In this article I am going to go through the product creation process step-by-step so that you know exactly what you need to do.

Finding your niche

The first thing you need to decide upon is the kind of topic you are going to create a product about. This should be something that you are knowledgeable about and have skills in. This makes it far easier for you to create a product when you already have some form of expertise.

Customer demand

Make sure that there is going to be demand for your particular product. This means that you need to check that people are wanting this information and that there are customers who have already paid money to obtain that information. This means that your product idea is likely to be profitable. This is really important because you might create a brilliant product but if no one actually wants it and no one will actually pay for it then it becomes useless.

Creating your product

Outline your product so that you know what you will include in it and the areas that you will cover in detail. Have an idea in your mind who your target customer is. Are they advanced for a beginner? Make sure that your product is created for a specific type of person in mind so that you can then target your marketing efforts towards that specific person.

Once you have produced an outline then you just have to create that product. This could be a written e-book, an audio recording, or a video depending on the depth of information you need to convey.

Packaging your product

Once your product is ready you need to upload it to your web server so that people can click on a link to be able to download it.

Sales page

In order for people to purchase your product you will need a sales page that describes exactly what your product does, the benefits and the kind of results that people might expect to see if they purchase your product. You will need to make sure that you have a payment system in place and that it is working correctly. It is always a good idea to test this and to make sure that the download page is also working.

Marketing your product

Now you can begin to market your product to your target customer. Make sure that you always emphasize the benefits and why your product makes the ideal solution to your customers need.