Primer For Real Estate Agents: Optimize Presentation Results: 5-Step Approach

Since there are so many licensed real estate professionals, in most regions and locales, doesn’t it make sense, to hone your skills and abilities, and, be able to positively, differentiate yourself, from the rest of the pack? Obviously, real estate agents must focus on their personal skills and abilities, especially when it comes to presenting their ideas, and articulating a quality, effective, listing presentation. Real estate agents should learn from what, are, time – proven, presentation and sales techniques, and presenting more effectively, by being ready, willing and able to answer objections, and address concerns, which motivate and inspire, potential clients, to choose them. Therefore, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and review, an effective, tried- and – proven, 5 – step approach.

1. Listen; learn; ZTL: Quite often, agents begin explaining how great they are, and what they’ll do, before taking the time, or making the effort, to effectively listen, in order to learn, what the perceptions, goals, priorities, etc, of the homeowner are! This step must be performed slowly, and carefully, because, it often impacts, the eventual final results. Only if/ when one, has the discipline to listen fully, and avoid the temptation to interrupt, thus exhibiting the ZTL, or zip – the – lip, and makes the potential client comfortable, does the presentation, get off, on the right – foot!

2. Empathize: Once the first step is effectively followed and performed, and you clearly put yourself in their place, with exhibiting genuine empathy, you begin to make the necessary connection, for the better! Using a simple phrase, such as, I can perfectly understand how you feel. I would feel that way, and so do most others, until they realize a few things, begins the process of making a quality, inspiring presentation.

3. Address concerns; answer objections: When an agent is empathetic, he realizes, every concern and/ or objection, is important to the potential client! Never minimize or assume, anything is obvious, merely because it may be, to you, but take the time, to address every concern, and answer every objection, thoroughly, and to their satisfaction. Pay attention to their body language, and wait, to proceed, until, it appears, they are receptive to your response!

4. Create/ recreate need: Once the first 3 steps have been performed effectively, it’s important to regain, and refocus the discuss, in a way, where you become more capable and ready, to proceed, to convince the other party, you are the one, for them! Therefore, use a phrase, such as, In light of our discussion, and your desire to (then recap what they indicated).

5. Close, and ZTL, again: Nothing occurs, until/ unless you close. While this is the last step, it depends on the how the previous ones, were performed and/ or addressed! A simple line, such as, Doesn’t it make sense, to do the paperwork, so we can achieve your objectives, together? Doesn’t it? Then zip – the – lip, once again, because, the one who speaks first, loses control of the discussion and focus.

While this isn’t complicated, it’s often challenging to maintain the discipline, to proceed, as effectively, as possible. Will you prepare, train, and be ready, to do so?

Public Speaking Fears – Speaking With Confidence Will Improve Presentation Skills

Have you ever been somewhere for the first time and felt awkward about everything you were doing? Was it accompanied by the fear that you would make a complete fool out of yourself, and it felt like all eyes were upon you? If you are like most of the population you have.

The first time you are doing anything it is awkward. Some of the things that you take for granted are the results of countless failures and you don’t give them a second thought as you go about your day. Even the “simple” act of walking only came about after thousands of falls.

Parents often celebrate baby’s first steps, and don’t think about all the times baby started to stand and quickly fell right over. The most common expressions come from things like this. “You have to walk before you can run.” Or “Practice makes perfect” as you hit a sour note on the piano time and time again.

So why is it that we feel bad about not being able to get right in front of a group of people and just say the things we have planned in a speech or a presentation? It really is the same thing. You can practice a presentation a number of times, but until you see all those eyes staring at you, the practice isn’t the same thing as being there.

Don’t sweat it. The greatest public speakers in the world all had one thing in common; early speeches that didn’t go as well as planned. Even some of the great speakers have told stories of botched jobs, but they persevered and eventually found success and so can you.

One of my favorite quotes came from Zig Zigler “If you learn from defeat then you really haven’t lost” and what does that really say? Failure is simply a step on the way to success.

Fire Fighter Awards – An Honor to Present

It is an honor to present a fire fighter with an award or certificate of accomplishment. There is really no way for us to thank the fire fighter for the dangerous work they do on all of our behalves. That being said there is still an impressive selection or trophies awards and plaques recognizing the fire fighters efforts.

The fire fighter plaque is a great expression of appreciation to those who risk so much.

There are also free standing statues for fire fighter recognition and on the lighter side there is a great bobble head fire fighter that makes for a wonderful award. A photo plaque with a photo of all the fighters from the station makes a special award.

Regardless what style of trophy or award you choose the trophy should be engraved with laser engraving technology for a crisp clean impression. The award should have the fire fighter’s name station number, date and reason for the recognition.

If you order your award from a trophy store online make sure to give them plenty of time for production and shipping. You can send your text and logo or art work via e-mail. Most engravers are set up to use the jpg format. Double check the text and spelling as it will be engraved exactly as it is sent.

It is An Honor To Present Awards To Brave Fire Fighters

You are sure to find just the right award to expresses your appreciation for a job well done. These men and women firefighters deserve our respect and thanks. The hero’s save lives and property with little regard for there own well being.

We are pleased to offer a number of specialty awards to express thanks and appreciation for a job well done.